In movies, its a nice dramatic moment when a hero/heroine has to make a quick escape from the enemy by jumping through a glass window, or when the villain falls through a glass skylight. They always manage to get up and limp away, sporting aesthetic cuts that show yes, their lives are dangerous, but nothing they can’t handle/shake off and walk away from with just a scratch.

That’s bullshit.

I’ve crashed through a glass storm door before. At the age of four, I was very clumsy (not much has changed) and when running to the door to greet my dad coming home from work, I messed up my trajectory and ended up running through the glass door rather than hitting the handle with my hand and knocking the door open, as I had a hundred times in the past without incident.

If I hadn’t hit the door with my palm first, I would have likely ended up with a face full of broken glass and quite possibly a slit throat. I’d never seen that much blood in my life, and I had cuts from the top of my head all the way down to my legs. I still have scars from that incident that happened 30 years ago.

So, if for some reason you ever have a character crash through a storefront window, or push the bad guy’s second in command out a second story window for a dramatic moment, he’s not going to be limping off into the darkness to await the next act and show up sporting one of this little butterfly band aids on his forehead. He’s going to be bruised from the impact and covered with cuts, and probably lots and lots of stitches.

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