I plan to pop on here from time to time with random things I’d like to see more of in books. Of all kinds, not just urban fantasy/paranormal romance.

Real Female Friendships. I don’t mean friendships in which one woman is the sparkling paragon of kicking-ass-but-still-hot-enough-for-the-guys while the other is a mousy, frowzy little milquetoast who worships at the toes of her awesome ass-kicking boots. I want two women (or more! Believe it or not, women can have plenty of female friends without there being bitter jealousy over a man involved!) who are equals in the friendship. Where one isn’t demonized for being a ‘typical girl’ and one isn’t held up to the heaven’s for ‘being one of the guys.’ Where stereotypical female traits aren’t held up to derision or to be laughed at, or where women don’t have to have attitudes like a man to be respected. Why can’t a woman enjoy fighting vampires and wearing nice shoes at the same time? Buffy the Vampire Slayer did just fine in that regard, but trying to find two ass-kicking women who like “girly things” now is like trying to find a dodo and a Tyrannosaurus Rex to rub together.

I want to read about two women who enjoy spending time with one another, who don’t have to constantly be on the prowl for a man, and when they find one, don’t turn on one another like the last two survivors of the Apocalypse in the face of an Egg McMuffin. I want women who have ties to their community. Who have goldfish and parakeets and dogs and cats they have to think about before gallivanting off in to the darkness to slay demons. Who has to juggle her nighttime exploits with her Grandmother’s birthday party, or find a dress for her niece’s Confirmation that hides the scratches on her legs and arms she got while fighting a three-headed hydra the night before. I want to read about women who have lives that are rich and full of friends and family and danger and perilous derring-do, who have lovers and boyfriends and girlfriends (of both kinds) and husbands and kids who somehow make it work despite their gifts and their burdens, not empty ciphers with no attachments, no friends, families, or loved ones, not women who are waiting on that alpha werewolf or brooding vampire to give their life meaning. I want these women to already have a life worth loving, worth fighting for .

You know. Like real women.