I love bookstores. Chain stores, indie shops, used bookstores. It doesn’t matter. If it has books, chances are I love it. The smells of old papers, the sounds of footsteps and pages flicking (the one person who absolutely will not stop talking at the top of their lungs on their cell phone because, apparently, they were raised by lemurs, that person can go straight to hell) are some of my most favorite things in the world.

The used bookstores are especially fun because you can find all sorts of gems and forgotten awesomeness that the mainstream bookstores just don’t carry. For obvious reasons. I mean, are you going to carry the new Stephen King book or are you going to give that shelf space to a book devoted to macramé owls that was published in 1974?

Old books are a peek back into the zeitgeist of an era. The fiction can tell you about societal norms, both what they were like and what people wanted them to be like, important issues of the day, expectations, and the likes and dislikes of a population. I mean, obviously nonfiction can too, but fiction gets away with a lot more than nonfiction does.

I’m hoping to make this a semi-regular blog post, depending on how frequently I find something awesome, bizarre, or weird to share. A lot of these books will likely be out of print, difficult to find, and sometimes even more difficult to sit through. Sometimes I will go into detail about the book. Others I will just give you an overview of it and the reason I picked it up in the first place. Who knows? You might find your next favorite writer here.