Hello from the Hellhole!

Welcome to the brand-new home of Zevon Price, (that’s me) the next best author you’ve never heard of yet. You’ll find all of my writing endeavors here, which granted aren’t much as of yet but just you wait and see what’s coming up.

Some quick facts about me, since I need to fill up some space:


Zevon is pronounced like Heaven. Or Eleven, if you so prefer. Or Seven-and-Seven, which is an awesome drink.

I write urban fantasy and mystery and, for some strange reason, children’s stories.

I currently live in Appalachian Hellhole, USA, and I’m doing my damnedest to get out. Buy my books and help me out.

You will find I have a love/hate relationship with nature, especially since it keeps trying to kill me in new and creative ways.

You will occasionally get pictures of my dogs.

You will probably run into some salty language. You have been warned.

Cheese is the number one item sold on the black market. That has nothing to do with anything here, but it is an interesting fact and I thought I’d share.